Anna Daana

(Greatness of Anna Daana)

baba cooking

Sri Sai Satcharitra:

“When an Atithi (uninvited guest) comes to our door at noon, it is our bounden duty to welcome him and give him food. Other kinds of charities, viz., giving away wealth, property and clothes etc., require some discrimination, but in the matter of food, no such consideration is necessary. All charities are imperfect without Anna Daana. Anna Daana is the best of all merits.”

Lord Sri Krishna (In Mahabharata):

“annadah pranado loke
pranadah sarvado bhavet
tasmadannam visesena
datavyam bhutimicchata”

The giver of food is the giver of life, and indeed of everything else. Therefore, one who is desirous of well being in this world and beyond, should specially endeavor to give food.

Taittiriya Upanishad:

“na kamcana vasatau pratyacaksita tasmadyaya kaya ca vidhaya bahvannam prapnuyat aradhyasma annamityacaksate”

Do not turn away anyone who comes seeking your hospitality. Therefore, obtain a great abundance of anna, exert all your efforts to ensure such abundance; and welcome all seekers with the announcement that the food is ready, partake of it.


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