Shatabdi Sai Sevak

Sevak is a member of the committee that has a primary responsibility of organizing, managing Shatabdi / centennial year celebrations of Baba Mahasamadi programs both in and out of the Shiridi Saibaba Mandir in Aurora on behalf of Saisamsthan USA.There will be a total of 100 Sevaks who in turn will form in to 5 major groups and several sub groups. Each sub group will be responsible for an activity / program that will be carried out for the entire year. Starting from NOW till Oct 18 th of 2018.
Each sub group may have a coordinator leading the effort of the Sub group activity.
Saisamsthan has planned extensive programs for the celebration of centennial year , the mission of the programs is to celebrate the SaiBaba Mahasamdhi at grander scale offering Devotees an immense spiritual experience in participating the programs that are very DEAR to BABA. The vision is to conduct selective few programs to render rich and unique experience. Also provide an opportunity for every one to be able to participate and experience the bliss of Sai’s Darshan.
All the Programs will fold under the following five major themes.
 Spirituality
 Service to Needy
 Annadana
 Baba love for children
 Adoration for Culture

We are working on identifying and finalizing several programs / activities under each of the main theme.
There will be a committee in charge for each theme and subcommittees part of each theme would be responsible for the selected activity under the theme.
All the Board of Trustees, current Temple coordinators and committee members will become member of the Shatabdi SaiSevak committee. Committees and Sub-committees will elect coordinator for each committee/ sub committee.
Committee coordinators and members will plan, conduct and manage the activities of their respective committees assigned programs.
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For any queries you can contact temple via (630) 897-1500
Bow to Sri Sai! Peace Be to All!!